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2023-06-21 11:31

Tips for selling your home

STEP ONE – “The Preparation”

1. Always present a clean house. Most people do this automatically but, first impressions make a world of difference. A clean house is a welcoming house. Beyond the basics, cleaning the carpets and curtains, and of course the windows. Consider professional cleaners, as they can do a great job…while you enjoy a glass of wine by the beach!

2. Clear the clutter – Removing all of those personal little nick-nacks will help make rooms look larger, cleaner and brighter. You don’t have bin anything you want to keep - box them up and store them ready for your own move, to bring out again in your new home!

3. Tidy the cupboards – Cupboards are a great place to hide personal belongings when tidying your home but… a potential buyer will want to look in them to work out the practicality of storing their belongs…if they were to buy it.

4. Get Wash the terraces - Portugal boasts 300 days of sunshine per year and, thus your buyer will spend a lot of time outside on those terraces. Clean and tidy terraces give a positive feeling allowing viewers to picture their own BBQ’s there, or just enjoying the sun with a good book.

5. Deal with the mould. Properties in Portugal often suffer from higher humidity, which, coupled with many properties not being used all year round, means mould can quickly form. It is important to deal with this, making sure the property is well ventilated to prevent it returning quickly. The look and smell of damp will put buyers off, or…worse still…will lower their offers.

6. Consider given the kitchen a makeover. This is one of the home’s most important rooms, and freshening up those kitchen cupboards with a spot of paint or, new handles can give it a more welcoming feel.

7. A fresh coat of paint – giving your home a complete paint inside and out completely refreshes the look of the property. Choose neutral colours, to give buyers a blank canvas—and give you a chance to address any dents and cracks!

8. Make sure your home is well lit. Usually our clients add extra light around the home with brighter bulbs to brighten up dark spaces will definitely help revitalise it.


first step, create a good home, which will achieve a successful sale


9. De-personalise your home. Try to present a neutral environment. Your buyer will have their own style and it will not always agree with yours. This is a tough one, because while you’re selling your home you might still be living there, and want it to still feel like home. But try to minimise it a little. Have some of your items ready to pull in and out, before and after viewings.

10. Make sure your fridge is clean. Properties are often sold with the white goods included so giving the appliances a good clean will suggest more perceived value to a buyer and, help keep those offers a little higher.

11. Clear all; kitchen and bathroom surfaces, making your home appear fresh, clean and spacious. So, remove all those items from your kitchen and bathroom tops to help improve the room’s appearance.

12. Look to the detail - Buyers often check smaller details, and spending a small amount of money to freshen things like electrical wall sockets and switches (are they matching and in good order, do the door handles need polishing or tightening, do the hinges need a little oil) does pay off.

13. The Garden. Much of your buyer’s time will be spent outside enjoying the sunshine, and giving the garden some love will pay dividends. Mow the lawns, add some extra grass seed and fertiliser to give the lawn a fuller look. Tidy those flower beds and add more colourful plants and flowers, and your buyer will look forward to spending time out there.

14. Concentrate on the pool. A house with a pool is a major consideration for most buyers, so make sure it is full of clean water and of course safe to use. Does the pool have any obvious damage—missing tiles, does it need a new pump, does it have a regular pool clean? These are important points.

15. Make sure to clear those pests – Clearing those spiders from the corners, making sure those pesky ants are kept at bay. Getting these issues cleared will help to not put off potential buyers on the walk round.

16. First impressions: The entrance to your property is key; weed your driveway, jet wash your front garden path, hide those rubbish bins, freshen up the front gate and door. Make your home look welcoming from the moment they walk up to it.

17. Put away those precious items. Nobody would think you are opening your home to potential thieves, but for security it is best to put any valuable items out of sight before viewers arrive. After all, they are strangers, and it doesn’t hurt to be careful.

18. The paperwork - Make sure your paperwork is in order. Do you have an energy certificate, do you have copies of all the receipts for the works in your home, to knock off against any capital gains taxes? Check with your lawyer to ensure you have everything ready to sell.


sell your house quickly, following the tips of Quintas & casas


19. Appoint a good Real Estate Agent—clearly, one of the most important factors. Working with the wrong agent can dramatically affect your potential to sell, and the price you achieve. Consider the agent’s history in the area, do they understand your property and the local market, what is their global reach, do they have a good local team, how do they market the property, what partnerships do they hold locally and globally to display your property. Do they have more than one office, is it worth considering exclusivity with them. Understand that the commission they charge should not be the first thing you consider. The wrong agent, an agent without good marketing and good partnerships, will lose you more than the commission you could save if/when sold.

STEP TWO: “The Marketing”

1. Good Photos - So now you’ve spent all that time getting the property clean, tidy, and clutter free, it’s important to show it off. An investment in the services of a professional photographer will get your home noticed on those property portals and help make it stand out to potential buyers.

2. Consider the latest technology. If the pandemic restrictions have taught us anything in selling property, people can’t always come immediately for a viewing. But that doesn’t mean you can’t go to them—virtually. Posting a video or, even better, an interactive 360-degree virtual tour, can help sell your property even before a buyer walks in your door—and weed out those time-wasters!

3. Price it right - do your research; pricing a property right will save you a lot of time and hassle. Expect everyone to make you an offer, but pricing too high in anticipation of offers means some buyers typing in their budgets will not even see it online, or scroll straight past it. A low price could sell it faster but you will always be left wondering if you could have got more for it. Consider the advice of the professionals.

4. Spread the word - tell your friends and family you are selling, share the listing on social media, push it out to your network even if you are using an agent. The wider the net the more chance of catching a fish.


tell your friends and family you are selling, share the listing on social media, push it out to your network even if you are using an agent.


5. Sell the dream – Most potential buyers are not just looking for a new home – they are looking for a change in lifestyle and looking to take advantage of everything Portugal has to offer. Sell the lifestyle of living in a country that has over 300 days of sunshine every year, a lower cost of living, blue flagged beaches, fresh local food and clean open spaces to explore, all of which can better their quality of life.

6. Don’t be in a rush - It is important to remember that some properties take longer than others to sell, and to get the right buyer and, the right price… you often need to have a little patience.

STEP THREE: “The Viewing Day”

1. As a general rule, consider a buyer’s first impression. Many buyers will decide whether they want to buy within seconds of walking in. Have some fresh flowers on display, make the rooms fresh and clean, with pleasant smells.

2. Open the all the shutters and turn on the lights – give your home a bright feel, really showing its best features.

3. Consider the temperature. In winter, turn the heating on to give that cosy feel as soon as they walk in. If it is summer, put on the air-conditioning. Your buyers may have been to see a few properties already and as it’s hot outside, make them feel fresh and comfortable in your home.

4. Beware of nasty pet odours and other smells. You may be an animal lover but, your potential buyers may not be used to the smells of animals in their home. Try to put your pets out of sight and…ensure the property is well aired before the buyers arrive.

5. Smoking: While your property is on the market, try to avoid smoking inside your home. The smell of old cigarette smoke or ashtrays full of old butts can put off potential buyers.


For more information don’t hesitate in contacting us at Quintas and Casas.



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